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We managed to fight the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 somehow. But as we are moving ahead in 2021, the pandemic is spreading its roots in the entire world. Although, we have discovered a vaccine still the new mutations of the virus are unstoppable. Now, the question arises; Is it safe to hire the packers and movers in Delhi during Coronavirus 2021? Thus we the being the best packers and movers in Delhi are here to solve all your doubts regarding this question. But before moving further also read our post on Precautions while moving during a pandemic.

Choose the safest packers and movers in Delhi

Those who are willing to move during this updated pandemic or those who have to move urgently. You must choose the safest packers and movers in Delhi for your move. Although, you should follow the safety measures like social distancing and wearing masks and gloves. But still, it is quite difficult to move during a pandemic.

Tips to hire the safest packers and movers in Delhi

1. They must have a special plan to move in pandemic

In these difficult times, it is necessary to have a moving company which looks after the health of workers and clients. When you organize your move amid the pandemic, look for packers and movers in Delhi with a COVID-19 plan. These measures must include day-to-day verification with the staff to ensure there are no COVID-19 signs, hand washing, sterilization, and decreased customer contact. A transition is a dynamic process, and you would want to ensure the most effective way for the safe move.

2. Moving staff should have safety kit with them

Each moving staff should have a security kit that includes masks, disinfectants, and other health items that are needed for our customers’ and employees’ health before they arrived at their homes. After every move, movers must clean all the appliances and must wash their hands throughout the whole movement.

3. Social Distancing and Mask

The workers must wear masks during the move. Packers and movers in Delhi advise customers to wear a mask for the duration of their move, for the wellbeing of everyone. They also ask their staff to keep a reasonable distance of six feet or more, since customers are also required to follow the same guidelines.

4. Unnecessary Contact

It is advisable to hire those packers and movers in Delhi who do not make unnecessary contact with their crew members as well as the clients. Moreover, they should also sanitize the freight before and after move to avoid any infection because we know that viruses can live up to 24 hours on the surface.

Move with us: The best packers and movers

If you want to relocate during the pandemic, we request you to follow all the safety measures and then take any step. We are the best packers and movers in Delhi and have relocated numerous houses and offices. Contact us for safe home relocation and office relocation services during the pandemic. Because we care about you and our staff. We wish for your safe relocation.

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19 April, 2021 10:20 am


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