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Packers and movers in Saket and Sahadra: NCR packers movers welcome you to another blog. We are the best packers and movers in India with years of experience. We are specialized in home relocation, car relocation across Delhi and Gurgaon. If you are relocating to Saket place or Sahadra then we have a list of the things which you should never put in storage during moving.

Things you should never put in storage while moving

No matter how spacious your home is, there is still space for things that you will not use every day. A storage system can be used as a replacement space where you can store things you do not need at this time, but at some point. You should be mindful of what limitations you can and cannot store while using storage space. You can’t store everything you want even if you pay for the warehouse area. Here is the list of items that can never be put in a factory.

Follow the storing policies and regulations

With the protection of the full warehouse and the workers in mind, each organization must comply with its legislation and policies. Brooklyn Storage normally states precisely which objects for safety purposes are not included. You will be responsible for any disruption or disadvantage that could arise if you disobey or refuse to comply. When you check the list of non permitted items, for very evident purposes, you will know that certain items are banned. Bear in mind, too, that the list of illegal items can differ according to the local laws.

Thus we suggest that you stick with us and read on if you plan to store your belongings anytime soon.

List of storage non-allowable for packers and movers in Saket and Sahadra


Notwithstanding how unbelievable it may seem, such incidents have been recorded and we cannot also emphasize sufficiently the importance of taking good care of your pet even though you don’t like it or can’t hold it. Don’t leave your pet in a storeroom with a friend or some other reliable human!


You shouldn’t give up on them too soon if your new place can’t handle your beautiful plants. You should give them up and encourage someone else to take hold of them instead of leaving them in the dark shop. Remember the storage units do not have adequate ventilation to survive.


It would be prudent and unacceptable to put perishable things like food in the storage room. Everyone understands the food attracts insects and rats, meaning that the whole storage system is deliberately threatened by storing peregrinations.

Hazardous and combustible

This will seriously harm the exposed personnel and cause health problems. Thus, fo and related products are banned.

  • chemicals
  • gas
  • toxic materials
  • flammable substances
  • fuel
  • fertilizers
  • paint
  • cleaning supplies
  • petroleum
  • medical waste

Illegal medicine and drugs

In the holding room as well as in general, illicit medication and narcotics are forbidden.

Weapons and explosives

Arms and explosives are not approved for self-storage in any conditions, so if anything goes wrong you might be liable for future damages.

Jewelry and money

Cash and jewels should not be placed in a storage room. Instead, you better store your valuables in your bank’s safe deposit vault.


Main papers, arrangements, travelers, credentials, etc. Perhaps the right option is not to store your high school diploma. It must be within your control not in the storage room, all the valuable papers. There are small threats of robbery, but they are not negligible.

Unregistered vehicles

The stock does not include unregistered vehicles, boats, or motorbikes. While you are responsible for any harm to the storage facility, persons and other tenants’ property, licensed, registered cars and working vehicles are allowed.

Dirty items

Wet or filthy products allow mold and mildew to flourish, so clean and dry household goods are highly advised to be kept.

Storing items in a climate-controlled storage unit

Some items should not be kept for too long in standard storage units since they are destroyed. Your sensitive objects may not be able to adapt well and may adjust because of the unit circumstances. These articles contain old objects, sculptures, musical tools, books, etc. It is also safer to store them in an air-conditioned storage unit, reducing lower and higher moltenness, wetness, and temperature.

You should not store items you won`t ever use again

We saw a huge list of things which you cannot store in a warehouse. But you should also be aware that saving articles would only save you more when you are too sad to throw them out. You go through your belongings thoroughly before renting a storage space. Here’s what your goods can do before you conclude that the only choice is to store:


Too big or too few clothes would not be of any interest to you. Donate the garments and the foods, books, toys, or other items that are physically and emotionally outgrown to a nearby charity.

Give them to your friends and family

Another excellent way to get rid of things is to send them to the nearest ones instead of storing them. You’ll be glad to have something you don’t need.

Throw them away

When anything is defective, it would not be repaired if it is too old and non-functional. While some things have meaning, we guarantee that you won’t regret getting rid of an object that has no more intent.

Avoid storing prohibited items by creating an inventory list

Something you never should put in a storage unit is ready to pack. Create an inventory list of all the items you save to stop this. This helps you to quickly detect any unnecessary objects. By telling your family members to read it as well, you will double-check the list.

Make sure you have the proper coverage in case of accidents

It is time to check for the right form of insurance for your products, now that you have decided what can and cannot be kept. The site’s security is the responsibility of self-storage management, but not of your possessions. They are not liable. Protect them during storage and give you calmness if you have a proper covering of your products. Often, make sure that all things collected and all bins are stored in a warehouse list according to their contents. There are several move-in inventory solutions for home packaging to help you sort and organize your products.

Remember to hire professional packers and movers in Saket and Sahadra

When it comes to friendly gestures, choosing a competent moving firm would go a long way. They store the products carefully for you so that you prevent any moving injury. Good fortune! Contact us for more information about packers and movers in Saket and Sahadra.

11 March, 2021 11:35 am


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