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We have witnessed the deadliest pandemic of the 21st century which is now again showing a spurt. The novel Coronavirus is increasing day by day and the risk factor has also increased. Social-distancing, regular sanitization, wearing masks, and staying at home has become a part of our life. But no matter, we have to go forward. All we can do is not panic and face it with courage. But what if you have to make a move during this pandemic. Afraid as well as Confused? No worries the best packers and movers in Delhi have prepared a list of those precautionary methods by which you can relocate safely to your new location. Continue reading to know those life-saving methods of moving during a pandemic.

Precautionary tips to move during the pandemic

The global pandemic has affected all of us. But we make sure that it does not affect your smile and excitement of moving. Let’s discuss the tips which should be followed while moving during this worldwide pandemic.

1. Try to postpone the move if possible

First of all, we suggest you postpone your move. Because the pandemic is deadly. It is advisable not to move out with kids and elders above 60 as the risk factor is high. Contact with anyone is not recommended to avoid infection. So try to postpone, if it is very important you can continue reading.

2. Checkout the moving policies of packers and movers in Delhi during the pandemic

The very initial and basic step is to contact your packers and movers in Delhi and ask them about their moving policies during COVID 19 pandemic. Because moving is not a simple task. You must make everything clear. Check if you can get the cost estimates online, or sign the papers virtually. Because the more you try to avoid contact, the safer you will be. Also, check their cancellation policy if you cancel the move, how much they will charge you.

3. Get yourself tested

You can move if you have tested negative for the virus. Therefore, first of go to the hospital and get yourself tested. There are several hospitals and rapid test kits available which will provide you the report. Get outside only if you aren’t corona positive. Also, follow all the rules and regulations as laid by the government. If you have any symptoms get yourself treated and report to your packers and movers in Delhi so that they can act accordingly.

4. DIY than hiring packers and movers in Delhi

Yes, you read that right. This is what most of the packers and movers in Delhi don’t suggest. Not because they will face loss but they care for you and their employees. Although, moving with packers and movers becomes 10 times easier but during the pandemic time it is better to move by yourself. Not only moving, but we also suggest you carry out most of the work by yourself to avoid contact with anyone. Rest you know what to do.

5. Don’t panic

We usually ask you not to stress but now the parameters have changed. Thus, we advise you not to panic. Humanity has faced problems bigger than a pandemic. So, we can also face this. It only needs patience, courage, and safety measures(firstly).

6. Follow the new normal i.e. safety measures

We all know what does new normal means. But we are repeating it for you. So, wash your hands 2 times in an hour, sanitize your belongings, put on a mask and gloves too. Sanitize yourself too. Also, don’t forget to take permission from the higher authorities. We don’t want you to pay a fine for breaking rules.

7. The aftermath

Okay, now you have moved, take off your clothes. Wash them as soon as possible. Sanitize all your furniture, jewelry, everything to avoid infection as the virus tends to stay alive on surfaces for 24 hours.

So, these were few precautionary tips by the best packers and movers in Delhi. Also read, Cost reducing tips for moving. Contact us to move safely with us. We wish you health for you and your family.

19 April, 2021 09:49 am


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